Following a lead from Tom Cross, an owner he visited on last episode of Barn Find Hunter, Tom Cotter continues his oil-country campaign and unearths more dust-covered classics in the hot and dry countryside near Midland, Texas. And he doesn’t have to drive far—just around the fence, in fact. There he finds “Oldsmobile heaven,” a collection of dozens of cars, both under cover and sitting outside.

In the bounty of metal includes an engineless 1950 Oldsmobile 88 wagon that once had woodgrain-like paint to look like a woody. Parked next to it is 1949–50 Olds 88 business coupe with an overhead-valve V-8, Futuramatic (automatic) transmission, and a sun visor.

Behind the building, lined bumper-to-bumper between the Texas shrubbery, are dozens of Oldsmobiles, as well as a Plymouth Road Runner, Dodge Dart 270, Pontiac wagon, and a tired Dodge with Red Ram Hemi V-8.

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