Tom Cotter and the Barn Find Hunter crew make it look easy, but the reality is those days out on the road filming are long. This episode is an example of just that. Regardless of the time of day, you can’t slow down Tom’s hunt for interesting cars and stories.

The first stop is a bit of a flashback from the last episode, where Tom drove past a large yard full of vintage steel and joked that “that’s our next find.” At the time he had no idea who owned the yard, or if they would let him and the crew in to look around. Luckily, Tom dug up the owner’s name and managed to make contact with him overnight, arranging a meeting first thing in the morning. Tom is old school, however, so no matter how early the meeting, he arrives 15 minutes before the agreed-upon time.

That policy really pays off this time around, as Maurice gives Tom a tour of just a handful of the 100+ cars he has in his stockpile. We really like Maurice’s style, with a nice blend of timeless Mercedes-Benz models and quirky British motors, like the Triumph Stag, trapped in the middle of it all. In fact, that V-8 powered oddity is the car Maurice would keep from the whole bunch if he was forced to part with the lot. Tom is a bit impressed by this call, and he understands the draw.

Then it’s off to visit another Tom; this one isn’t a Ford guy like Cotter, but rather an air-cooled enthusiast—mostly of the German variety. The 1957 Porsche Speedster he introduces is an interesting piece of racing history, a prime example of a car that would have interesting things to say if it could only speak. There might be nothing for sale, but it’s not all about buying or selling for Tom. He likes to find the stories worth telling—and he found a few good ones on this trip to Atlanta.

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