Assembling a Mustang in 2 minutes? That’s gotta be LEGO - Hagerty Media

Davin and the Redline Rebuild team make something as complicated as reassembling a Chevrolet Stovebolt six look easy. Sadly, a lot of us aren’t in a position to tackle such full-scale engine building. Enter the LEGO build. For inspiration on what to build with your own blocks, we time-lapsed a LEGO Mustang going from scattered bricks to classic pony car—in just two minutes.

With only squared off blocks, it is surprising how close to the iconic Mustang shape LEGO’s creators are able to get. The fastback looks right, and even opening the hood is reasonably realistic, though it cannot give the roar of a real 390 V-8. The brick version even has a nice set of five-spoke wheels adding to the cool factor.

We can all hope to get parts to assemble whatever project we have going on this time of year, but depending on what you have on your wish list, there might only be a slim chance you find a Holley EFI kit or a numbers-matching rear axle under the tree. If someone in your family is a last-minute holiday shopper, be sure to leave this video on repeat so you will have something to fill some time come Christmas morning. And the best part? You’ll have a great piece of desk art when it’s all done.

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