Almost there! Calling in backup for our Honda CT70 motorcycle restoration | Redline Update 97 - Hagerty Media

As slow as the CT70 will be once it’s done, it is sure coming together fast. Davin is making big strides to tidy up the little machine and ready it for its first outing. Between here and there are some hurdles though, and they have the Redline Rebuild master calling for a little help.

The front end of the bike, which was pre-assembled a few weeks ago, slid right into the steering neck of the stamped steel frame, and a burette that’s normally used to cc combustion chambers in the engine room got repurposed to put just the right 3.5-ounce oil into the fork legs. It’s probably a little bit of overkill on the accuracy, but Davin is not one to ballpark something he can measure perfectly. That might be why he struggled with the second task of the day.

The cam chain has a hydraulic tensioner, but it still needs a base setting. The manual was no help as it says to set the tension with the bike running. Davin doesn’t want to risk damage by starting the engine and then adding tension. That could lead to the chain skipping a tooth and causing valve-to-piston contact. So Davin dialed up Trail Buddy to get get a professional opinion. A quick conversation got the base setting dialed so the engine should be all but ready to start.

Before that first fire up though, the bike needs a seat. It’s been looking awfully naked this entire time, and though upholstery can be an approachable first project, it is Davin’s dad who comes to his rescue this time to make the CT70 seat better than when it rolled out of the factory. A new cover, foam, recondition trim and base all combine to become one very tidy and pretty package when assembled by skilled hands.

Speaking of skilled hands, the engine was assembled by Davin, and that’s why the spark plug fires a strong and bright spark when he turns the kickstarter by hand. Only finishing touches are left, but you won’t get to see this one again until it’s all done and running. We promise it will be worth the wait. Be sure to subscribe to the Hagerty YouTube channel to get notifications with each video that goes up—including the full timelapse of this restoration.

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