Alfa Romeo GTV-6 and a "K-Code" GT Mustang Convertible | The Appraiser - Ep. 6 - Hagerty Media

On this episode of “The Appraiser,” Colin’s taking a look at an Alfa Romeo that’s been with the owner for years that is reliable and rust-free! He’s also poking around a Ford Mustang GT “K-code,” that’s been a part of one man’s family for a long, long time, with the exception of a short vacation. Will Colin find any issues with the Alfa or will it be more a prima vista, love at first sight? Will Colin think that the K-code is worthy of family heirloom status or will he suggest that it be traded in on an Explorer instead?
As always, Colin’s got the answers to these questions and a lot more. Join him as he digs in to arrive at a value for both cars and then shares them with the owners. Will they agree with him? Will you? Sound off in the comments section and let Colin know!

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