Abandoned Edsel With Ford V8 Engine Puts Up A Fight | Will It Run? - Hagerty Media

Davin and Jeff are back at it in an attempt to bring the Ford V8 engine in a 1959 Edsel Corsair back to life. This one fought them all the way, but you’ll have to watch until the end to find out: Will It Run?

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    Sure seems like a decent candidate for doing a little more to make the car drive on the road. Sure, the engine is likely really worn….. so why not a quick and dirty rebuild — rings, make sure valves are seating, not much more than that. That is just a very cool vehicle!

    I really wanted to see it run so I could send this off to a buddy who has the same THING sitting in his driveway (I think his runs). Is the exhaust pipe clear/open from the manifold to the tailpipe (ie potato in the tailpipe)?

    Not sure if you guys have seen NNKH but you might want to. He does quite a few of these and its really fun to watch. So how are things going in the shop these days? any updates on the projects on redline?? Cheers

    Try putting about 1/2 Oz oil in each cylinder and about 2 oz down carb . Works for me ever time I encounter low compression.

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