2005 Ford GT with 30,000 miles, what's it worth? | The Appraiser - Ep. 28 - Hagerty Media

In this episode of “The Appraiser,” Colin has the opportunity to look over a 2005 Ford GT with over 31,000 miles on the odometer. A Ford GT with this kind of mileage is unheard of. Despite the high mileage, the interior and exterior remain in excellent condition thanks to the owner’s love for the car. Will this Ford GT maintain a high price tag or will it take a cut due to the mileage? Tune in and find out.

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    As an owner of a Ford GT and other collector cars, I’m quite curious as to the date of this and all other appraisals? Unless I missed it somewhere in the video clips and comments given by Colin, could you date stamp these appraisals? As we all know the markets go up and down. Thanks for the information and appraisals!!

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