1970 Plymouth Superbird - Will its value take flight? | The Appraiser - Ep. 24 - Hagerty Media

In this episode of “The Appraiser,” Colin looks over a 1970 Plymouth Superbird that, while not the top spec for the breed, still has plenty to offer any wing car enthusiast. This tasty Lemon Twist example is powered by the base 375 HP 440ci four-barrel Super Commando engine backed by the legendary 727 Torqueflight automatic transmission. It was also restored by Restorations by Julius, a well-known MOPAR restoration shop in Sunny California. Question is, does that increase the value? Tune in to find out the price of this legendary winged warrior.  

Check out the current 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird values.

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    Definitely Increased In Value, Was At Mopar Carslie Few Years Ago And Give Away Car Was 440 Six Pack Superbird , Was Condition 2 Due to Color Change And 24K Gold inlaid Pin Stripes ,Said When They Bought and Restored Was 15k And Was Re Appraised At 30K After Reso – Old Lady Jumped In Car Started And Put In Gear And Almost Jumped Off the Stage , Figures Money Goes to Money,Her And Hubby Had Just Purchased 3 Cars at Carslie, Bill Golden Marverick Was There Doing Wheel Stands in The Dodge PU With Hemi , He was a TINY Guy And Had a 6 Foot PLUS AMAZON BLONDE GIRL FREIND!!

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