Video: 1963 Chevrolet Sting Ray Corvette Split-Window Coupe: Popup Fact Video | Hagerty Media


Ride along in a 1963 Corvette Sting Ray split-window coupe and learn everything you never knew about this innovative design. The (1963-67) Sting Ray has always been a celebrity magnet with the likes of John Wayne, Neil Armstrong, Frank Beard (of ZZ Top), Nicolas Cage, Roy Orbison and Bob Weir (of The Grateful Dead).

According to Hagerty’s Valuation Tools:
1963 was a watershed year for the Corvette. Production hit 21,513 — split quite evenly between the new “roadster” and stunning coupe design from Larry Shinoda under the direction of Bill Miller, with the now infamous (and valuable) split rear window design. Subsequent model year Vettes added the new knock off wheels (1964), the 396 “big block” V8 (1965), and then in 1966, the 427, 430 HP L-88 model, ultimately one of the most collectible Corvettes ever. The C2 series ended in 1967, with the addition of 5 slot fender vents and the famous ’67 only hood scoop and contrasting color “stinger” stripe on the big block cars. In all, the cleaned up ’67 model was a fitting end to the C2 series which can lay claim to being the most loved Corvettes of all. -

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