Can Davin and Jeff get this old Ford V-8 engine to fire up after a 50+ year slumber? All evidence points to this car being off the road since 1963 (that’s 60 years ago!). And it has been slowly sinking into the dirt in its current resting place since at least the early 1970s. With a new battery, new spark plugs, fresh fuel, basic hand tools, and some good old-fashioned know-how, can your favorite engine builder and his new sidekick get this tired old 1958 Ford Country Sedan station wagon to start? Will it run??

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    You could at least admit that you made sure that the engine was turning, before you started filming (the air filter was already removed)! It would not hurt you, as if you took the risk of trying to start a frozen engine, you wouldn’t have an episode. Please stay honest, it would not detract from the fun watching it. I still enjoyed it, and even learned a bit from it!

    Great job guys, that was very neat to watch. I remember playing in these old cars parked around the farm back when I was a kid. I never dreamed I would see a couple of very knowledgeable guys figure out how to get them running like this again! This is very cool to see something like this. I have now watched all three so far as I had not heard about these videos until now.

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