Honda’s potential S2000 successor, drive this life-sized R/C, 132K Jeep Cherokees recalled


Honda possibly brewing an S2000 successor

Intake: According to a new report from Autocar, there’s a chance that Honda will reveal a new sportscar in celebration of its 75th anniversary, which is this year. The brand’s European vice president, Tom Gardner, told Autocar that Honda sees sports cars as a valuable part of the brand’s overall image. “We love performance, and we’re very grateful for the strong reaction we’ve had to the latest [Civic] Type R,” Gardner said. “Watch this space: [2023 is] 75 years—we had the S2000 at 50. Who knows…”

Exhaust: Honda previously told Autocar that the Type R brand will continue beyond today’s Civic Type R, though there’s no guarantee that the next model wouldn’t be an EV. Last year, Honda confirmed that it would introduce an electric successor to the Acura NSX and a new flagship style grand touring car as part of a wave of 30 new electric vehicles being launched globally by the brand by 2030. However, given that there’s only half the year remaining, if Honda were to reveal an S2000 successor, we’d expect to hear official news soon. Here’s to hoping! — Nathan Petroelje

This full-size Tamiya Wild One is no toy

The Little Car Company Tamiya Wild One Max
The Little Car Company

Intake: Britain’s The Little Car Company is getting bigger. The firm, which makes the three-quarter-sized Bugatti Baby II and Ferrari Testarossa J for the offspring of wealthy car collectors is set to launch a new full-size machine for kids who never grew up. The Tamiya Wild One Max is a replica of the 1980s’ radio-controlled buggy that thumb-jockeys raced in their gardens and local parks, but scaled up to fit two adults. Fully electric, just like the original, it’s powered by a 14.4-kW battery pack and will be capable of 60 mph. Long travel suspension with all-round double wishbones means it’ll tackle the rough and tumble with ease but the Wild One Max will also be road legal in the U.K. and Europe, classed as a quadricycle. Weighing in at under 1000 pounds, an initial run of 100 Launch Editions will be built before other versions become available—potentially including a highly-appropriate home-build kit.

Exhaust: Here’s proof that electric cars can be a hoot and all it took was a pair of toymakers to get together and scale up their design. Some legacy car makers could certainly learn a thing or two from Tamiya. — Nik Berg

Average age of U.S. fleet swells to 12.5 years, report says

2010 Nissan Frontier front three quarter

Intake: The average age of cars and light trucks in the U.S. has risen again this year to a new record of 12.5 years, up by more than three months over 2022, according to the latest analysis from S&P Global Mobility. The growth is in line with the firm’s prediction from last year that “constrained” new vehicle sales would continue to put upward pressure on the average age. This is the sixth straight year of increase in the average vehicle age of the U.S. fleet.  It also reflects the highest yearly increase since the 2008–2009 recession, which caused an acceleration in average age beyond its traditional rate due to the sharp decline in new-vehicle sales demand.

Exhaust: “Despite economic headwinds,” new vehicle sales are projected to surpass 14.5 million units in 2023, according to S&P forecasts, which is expected to curb the rate of average age growth in the coming year. “While pressure will remain on average age in 2023, we expect the curve to begin to flatten this year as we look toward returning to historical norms for new vehicle sales in 2024,” said Todd Campau, associate director of aftermarket solutions for S&P Global Mobility. — Steven Cole Smith

132,000 Jeep Cherokees recalled for fire risk

2015 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk

Intake: Stellantis has announced a recall for 132,000 Jeep Cherokees for an electrical short in the power liftgate module that could cause the vehicle to catch fire. The recall, according to a document filed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), involves 2014–2016 model year Cherokees equipped with the power liftgate. Stellantis is warning affected owners to park their vehicles outside until repairs are made. A fix for the issue is still in development, according to the NHTSA filing, and as of April of this year, Jeep was not aware of any injuries related to the issue. Jeep will begin notifying dealers and affected customers in late June.

Exhaust: According to Automotive News, this is the third recall related to this issue since 2015. While nowhere near as substantial as the recall we covered yesterday involving 67 million vehicles equipped with potentially faulty airbag inflators, a vehicle that poses an increased fire risk is nothing to scoff at. If your daily driver fits the description above, park outside and keep an eye on the mail. — NP

Tesla still tops in California sales

Tesla Model 3 Long Range exterior front three quarter white

Intake: Tesla continues to have the two top-selling vehicles in California, with the Tesla Model Y extending its number 1 sales lead and the Model 3 holding strong at number 2, says But other manufacturers’ sales are picking up too, leading the state to a 23.2 percent market share for vehicles with plugs—19.5 percent battery electric vehicles, and 3.7 percent plug-in hybrids. The data comes from the California New Car Dealers’ Association, showing trends in auto sales. These trends have been interesting to watch from an EV perspective, given California’s status as the EV market share leader in the U.S., notes.

Exhaust: Tesla’s Elon Musk has been raising and lowering Tesla prices consistently in the past few months, gauging what it takes to maintain some movement in inventory. Apparently it’s working, especially with the Models Y and 3. — SCS




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    MG is making an EV sports car. But what I have read, it will be over 4,000 lbs!!!

    Honda could drop in a Civic R engine with over 300hp that would be a winner.

    So Gary what exactly are you hoping for?
    An S2000 with a high voltage brushless AC MOTOR, or a 4 stroke internal combustion ENGINE?

    That is an artificial distinction, per my research on the Internet. Over the years, many folks (including me) have thought that “engine” was only I/C, and “motor” was only electric. Such is not the case at all, historically or now, as it turns out.

    Roy. When the S2000 arrived at Honda we prepared it for Dick Colliver EVP of sales. When we gave him the Keyes to drive it he gave them back and said you drive it this weekend until I return next week. Thank you Dick!

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