Fire stopped F-150 Lightning production, LaFerrari successor spied, Tesla’s Full Self-Driving recall


Fire cited as cause for F-150 Lightning production halt

Intake: According to a report from the Detroit Free Press, Ford halted production of the F-150 Lightning earlier this month because an undisclosed battery issue caused one truck to catch fire while parked in a vehicle holding area on February 4. The fire spread to one other vehicle in the lot, which is where Ford parks completed trucks awaiting their quality inspection before heading to dealers. In response to an inquiry from the Free Press, Ford Spokesperson Emma Berg said, “I can confirm one vehicle fire. Let me reiterate, we have no reason to believe F-150 Lightnings already in customer hands are affected by the issue.” The manufacturing facility will remain shut down until at least February 23 while engineers complete a thorough investigation of the issue. “We believe that we have identified the root cause of this issue,” Berg told the Free Press, although she didn’t elaborate on specifics. “By the end of the week, we expect to conclude our investigation and apply what we learn to the truck’s battery production process; this could take a few weeks. We will continue holding already-produced vehicles while we work through the engineering and process updates.”

Exhaust: It’s a bit of a wait-and-see game now for those who already have an F-150 Lightning in their driveway. Berg stressed that Ford is not aware of any incidents of the issue that caused the small fire taking place on customer vehicles. Ford remains adamant that its quality control process is preventing defective vehicles from making it to dealerships, so this may end up going down as a small blip on the Lightning’s timeline. However, depending on what the engineers find in their analysis, a cautionary recall or warranty fix may be coming. — Nathan Petroelje

Is this winged wonder the follow-up to the LaFerrari?

Intake: A whole ten years have passed since Ferrari launched the eponymous LaFerrari hybrid hypercar, but at long last, its successor is on its way. Ferrari bosses confirmed as much last year, but a new spy video by YouTuber Varryx offers a first glimpse of what the car, codenamed F250, will look like. It’s heavily wrapped in camouflage, although there’s no hiding the prototype’s gigantic rear wing. Compared to its recent descendants, like the Enzo and LaFerrari, it’s a massively aggressive design, engineered to work aerodynamic wonders on the track. Huge intakes at the nose and vents in the hood channel air to keep the front wheels glued to the ground, while that rear spoiler and the enormous diffuser create a ton of downforce at the tail. The high voltage warning stickers that adorn this test mule confirm that it will run a hybrid powertrain, which is most likely an even higher-performance version of the 986-hp twin-turbo V-8 plus battery setup in the SF90 Stradale.

Exhaust: Prancing Horse history says that this latest hypercar will be built in very limited numbers. A leaked Ferrari internal document from 2022 suggests that only 599 coupes will be sold, alongside 199 Apertas and 30 XX track-only cars, but we’ll have to wait until fall 2024 to find out. — Nik Berg

Three more EVs coming from Cadillac in 2024

cadillac celestiq reveal
Steven Pham

Intake: Cadillac will introduce three new electric vehicles in 2024, says Automotive News, which received a very general briefing on the models from Rory Harvey, vice president of global Cadillac. Harvey was tight-lipped on particulars, but did say that they would be built in “multiple locations.” Automotive News has previously reported on electrified versions of the Escalade and Escalade ESV—to be called the IQ and IQL—which are expected in 2024 and 2025, as well as two more electric crossovers, one smaller and one larger one, that should go on sale in 2024. The additions would give Cadillac a strong lineup of five EVs going into 2025, including the Lyriq midsize crossover that went on sale in 2022 and the Celestiq, a $300,000 hand-built fastback sedan scheduled to begin production in December.

Exhaust: It’s good to see the “Standard of the world” fighting hard to be relevant, and for GM to be funding the battle. We were impressed by the Lyriq during our time behind the wheel, and the Celestiq looks like a hit already. — Steven Cole Smith

Tesla recalls nearly 363,000 vehicles over Full Self-Driving crash risk

Tesla self-driving tech demo
Artur Widak/NurPhoto/Getty Images

Intake: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is prompting Tesla to recall nearly 363,000 vehicles equipped with or pending installation of its Full Self-Driving beta software due to an increased risk of crashing, reports Automotive News. The recall pertains to certain 2016–23 Model S and Model X vehicles, as well as certain 2017–23 Model 3 and 2020–23 Model Ys. NHTSA said that Tesla’s self-described Full Self-Driving software “may allow the vehicle to act unsafe around intersections, such as traveling straight through an intersection while in a turn-only lane, entering a stop sign-controlled intersection without coming to a complete stop, or proceeding into an intersection during a steady yellow traffic signal without caution.” To fix the issue, Tesla will release an over-the-air software update which it says will “improve how FSD Beta negotiates certain driving maneuvers.” Owners are expected to receive a letter in the mail notifying them of the update sometime after April 15.

Exhaust: Despite the confusing name, Tesla’s website warns that Full Self-Driving is only an assistance feature and that drivers are still responsible for the operation of their vehicles at all times. The software and tech have come under fire plenty of times before from the likes of Ralph Nader and others. Perhaps the next over-the-air update can change the name to something a bit less misleading? — Nathan Petroelje

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    “Tesla’s website warns that Full Self-Driving is only an assistance feature and that drivers are still responsible for the operation of their vehicles at all times.” Anyone else remember the story of the guy who rented a motorhome, turned on the cruise control, left the driver’s seat, and almost made it to the RV’s bathroom?

    Ford has much greater issues than the battery for this truck.

    Ford is taking on water and starting to go down by the bow. Farley is talking a lot but has not hemmed in the money loses. Lack of parts and lack of quality while interest rates moving up are not helping.

    I really question the move to F1 at a time they need the money else where. As best as I have seen Ford still has yet to pay off the $7 Billion Energy department loan they were given years ago during the bail out time. Yes they got money too.

    They laid off 8,000 to pay for the EV program they are working on as the Mach E and Lighting are not a part of their comprehensive Ev program and just one off models to grab head lines.

    Bronco sport sales are tanking. Maverick sales are limited not really sold out. Bronco quality issues are killing it from roof to engine to other issues.

    If not for the 51% of the Ford family share Ford could have easily been bought out with stock prices so low.

    I do not want to see Ford fail as that would only leave one American owned Auto maker out side GM and Tesla If you want to count them. They have their own issues at Tesla.

    The next ten years are going to be difficult for everyone. The auto industry is being turned on its ear.

    EV products are coming and not a fad like em or not. Everyone will have to have them to maintain market share. 1/3 of the states will kill ice in 12 years and that includes Hybrids in some cases.

    Ford is selling plants in Germany to the Chinese. They are partnering and fronting a battery plant being funded by the Chinese in MI. I just pray they do not sell out to them.

    Lincoln is also a dead division walking. Sales were horrible.

    I love the LaFerrari, it’s beautiful.
    I love my old ’75 F250, it loved to jump stuff.
    This new F250 is not beautiful and doesn’t look like it’ll take a jump very well.

    The LaFerrari successor is, I’m sorry, just plain fugly! The rear wing looks like something that you could buy online to put on your “insert car name here”. I’m definitely old school when it comes to Ferraris like my 512 BBi. Dr. John

    Having used Full Self Driving mode in my 2022 model S, I experienced an attempt by the car to exit the turn lane and strike a car in the next lane. Luckily I kept my hands on the yoke and jerked it back away. It definitely scared me. It’s good but not yet ready for general use around other cars.

    This whole self driving thing is just plain STUPID!!! I don’t care how tech savvy or woke you are driving is still driving! There are just too many variables in the real world of driving to think some geek can write a code to make the car do the everything! Why can’t you people see that this is just the latest pie in the sky idea to make you think you have the latest & greatest.Next time you have the world by the balls, think about the guy in Cal who got beheaded by the semi trailer his “self driving” Tesla drove under because it didn’t recognize the object in front of it as anything other than a cloudy sky. That was one of the first Tesla OOOPS occasions to be recorded

    Mr. Marshall speaks plain old-fashioned truth here, folks. Just take the wheel, put your feet on the pedals, focus your eyes on the road, and drive.

    Self driving cars must be a real joy ride if you dare try to use this feature on a winter road with patches of black ice on the pavement ! No thanks ,I’ll continue to ” drive” my cars to the best of my abilities ! Winter or Summer

    Speaking of driving with no hands, I believe it’s Chevrolet that has a commercial of a pickup being driven down the road and the driver has his hands off the wheel and clapping to a Queen song . Then even more dangerous he’s passes another vehicle still with no hands on the wheel! Unbelievable.

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