The only “Jerrari” in the world is for sale, McLaren will toss dirt in Extreme E next year, Roadkill Nights returns for 2021

Classic Driver

This one-off Jeep-Ferrari crossover is up for auction

Intake: If you own a casino you can pretty much have anything you want. However, when famed collector Bill Harrah reportedly asked for a four-wheel drive Ferrari, Enzo replied with a firm “no.” So Harrah tasked his mechanics with the job instead, providing them with a slightly mangled 1969 Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 and a brand-new (then, anyway) Jeep Wagoneer. The Ferrari had been been damaged in a snowy shunt, which prompted Harrah’s desire for a 4×4 in the first place. As you can see, the front is Ferrari; from the windscreen back, it’s all Jeep. Understandably, the contraption soon became known as the “Jerrari.” Originally Harrah kept the Ferrari V-12 and his spanner-men managed to hook it up to the Jeep’s three-speed automatic and all-wheel drive transmission. Later he’d take the engine and install it in a 1977 Wagoneer to create the Jerrari 2. (The original got the Wagoneer’s motor.) The car found its way to Germany in 2008 where it has been restored and is now for sale on the ClassicDriver website.

Exhaust: The upcoming Purosangue may be the first Ferrari SUV to emerge from the factory, but Harrah had the idea 50 years ago. Read the full story of the Jerrari as told by Brendan McAleer.

McLaren to field Extreme E team in 2022

Mclaren Extreme E announcement

Intake: Competing on track isn’t enough for F1 and IndyCar veteran McLaren, who recently announced they’d be entering a team in the all-electric Extreme E racing series for 2022. The racing takes place across the globe and features a unique format that pairs male and female drivers on a team to compete in race heats on a challenging off-road course. This won’t be McLaren’s first foray into electric racing, they’ve supplied the battery powertrain to the FIA Formula E Championship and will enter a team in the series in 2022 as well.

Exhaust: McLaren is just the latest high-profile name to sign on to Extreme E. The motorsports titan will no doubt help expand the viewership of this fledgling series with a cross-pollination of F1 fans.

Roadkill Nights returns to Detroit’s Woodward Ave for 2021

Roadkill Nights Street Race
Woodward Ave, 2019. Although it only happens during the Woodward Dream Cruise, Roadkill Nights has shown just how popular a sanctioned street race can be. Cameron Neveu

Intake: Car lovers saw a record number of events called off last year due to the pandemic, but now the horsepower and tire smoke are returning to streets and events coast to coast. If this heady combination is what you desire, then you should be especially excited that Roadkill Nights is returning to the hallowed Woodward Avenue in Pontiac, Michigan, on Saturday, August 14. Featuring a car show, Dodge Hellcat thrill rides, and city-sanctioned drag racing, this event that has a little something for anyone who loves cars. The best part? The whole shebang occurs in one place: M1 Concourse. Tim Kuniskis, CEO of Dodge, also hinted at a build-and-race challenge that would pit TV stars against their online counterparts.

Exhaust: The coasts often get a lot of love when it comes to big car events, so we absolutely love that Roadkill Nights brings the racing back to the Midwest in a big way. Even though the 2021 event will be just a one-day affair compared to 2019’s two-day setup, there will be plenty to see and do. The perfect balance of laid-back and high-strung, Roadkill Nights is worth marking on your calendars. Tickets, when they become available, will go on sale here

Special-edition Toyota GR Yaris learns as it drives

GR Yaris Morizo

Intake: The “Morizo Selection” GR Yaris beams data to a race team to analyze its owner’s driving style and fettle the steering, braking, and throttle response to suit. The updates and analysis come from the ROOKIE Racing team which is campaigning a GR Yaris in Japan’s Super Taikyu Series, and are part of a monthly subscription plan. Morizo Selection GR Yaris buyers also get a special emblem on the windscreen and special color detailing on the seat stitching, suspension, wheel centers, and doors. As for the name, “Morizo” is the racing alter ego of Toyota boss Akio Toyoda.

Exhaust: Over-the-air updates and in-car subscription services are the next big thing for automakers. Usually centered on safety or infotainment features, it’s exciting to see how these services can be geared towards gearheads for a change. It’s just a shame that U.S. buyers are deprived of this racy little Toyota.

Maserati’s first all-electric car “spied” on the streets

Maserati GranTurismo prototype
Maserati/Lorenzo Marcinno

Intake: Courtesy of a large cash infusion from Stellantis, Maserati’s next GranTurismo coupe will be the automaker’s first-ever all-electric vehicle, which was spotted on the streets of Modena outside of Maserati’s headquarters … sort of. Although the pics include a telephoto shot through a chainlink fence of a camouflaged test vehicle, these aren’t your typical spy photographs, as they come straight from Maserati itself. The electric version of the GranTurismo (there’s also a gasoline-powered model) is expected to go on sale in 2022. Rumor has it that the Trident-badged EVs will use an 800-volt battery system capable of 300-kW charging that uses three motors: one powering both front wheels and a pair powering the rear wheels.

Exhaust: Regardless of how the “spy” photos reached us, we’re excited at the prospect of an all-electric coupe from Maserati, as an electric powertrain seems fitting of a sport/luxury brand. However, Maserati is known as much for its fantastic engine soundtracks as performance, so a silent Trident may be a bit of a tough sell to some.

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