Ferrari: Don’t call the new Purosangue an SUV

Stan Papior

Ferrari insists that its upcoming all-wheel-drive crossover vehicle is not just another luxury SUV. The Purosangue will, instead, be an FUV (Ferrari Utility Vehicle) and the latest report from Car magazine suggests that it will be followed by two electric models.

Car‘s insiders say that the 2022 Purosangue, which will replace the lovely GTC4Lusso, will be sportier than the Lamborghini Urus, Aston Martin DBX, and Bentley Bentayga, and is more on-road than off-road focused. It will feature height adjustable suspension, for added all-terrain ability, but will be much lower slung than its rivals and seat only four.

The Purosangue is said to launch with a V-12 packing over 800 hp but a V-8 gas-electric hybrid will follow soon after. Ferrari has said that 60 percent of its cars will feature hybrid power by 2022.

Although Ferrari has so far bucked the trend towards all-electric power, Car also reports that Ferrari will go on to release its first battery EV in 2024 with another in 2026, and both will be SUVs, sorry, FUVs.

How will Ferrari fans react to this news? Is a Ferrari really a Ferrari without an internal combustion engine at its heart?

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