The Revolution electric concept is the “brutiful” future of RAM trucks


Ram’s 1500 Revolution battery electric vehicle (BEV) concept truck was unveiled today at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. The name, along with what looks to be a very plausible interior and exterior design, offers a big hint at how we can expect the Ram brand to evolve in the years to come. So let’s take a closer look.

As far as style and function, this is our best idea yet of what the production 2024 Ram 1500 BEV will look like when it is revealed later this year. Ram calls the Revolution concept’s exterior design theme “brutiful,”—a clunky if not fitting portmanteau brutal and beautiful that aptly describes the bulging fenders, bedsides, and 35-inch tires that give off serious TRX vibes.

The front end of the Revolution includes a new interpretation of the R-A-M badging and “tuning fork” LED headlights that feature an animated start-up sequence. The front fascia integrates a skid plate and flush-mounted tow hooks that pivot out for access. With no hulking Hemi engine under the hood, there’s now room for a handy frunk. The hood offers one-touch power open-and-close function to access the generous space, and there’s also a pass-through into the cabin to fit longer items. The flush-mounted door handles are also powered, as are the retractable side steps, rear step, and tailgate.

The Revolution rides on parent company Stellantis’ STLA, a body-on-frame architecture for full-size electric vehicles that places the battery pack low in the chassis, along with an aerodynamic belly pan and active diffusers. Electric drive units front and rear provide four-wheel drive and also four-wheel steering, with the rear wheels pivoting up to 15 degrees for better maneuvering at low speeds.

Ram is staying tight-lipped on power, torque, and range specs for the Revolution and future Ram 1500 BEV products. The company did however note that the Revolution has 800-volt DC fast charging at speeds of up to 350 kW, so that a quick 10-minute top-off can deliver up to 100 miles of range. Ram also promised that the production-spec Ram 1500 BEV will be “the leader in a combination of areas customers care about the most: range, towing, payload and charge time.”

At present the Chevrolet Silverado EV claims 400 miles of range, whereas Ford says the F-150 Lightning (with Extended Range pack) is capable of a maximum 320 miles.

“The Ram 1500 Revolution BEV Concept is our clearest signal yet that we’re on the precipice of something extraordinary at Ram and points directly to where we’re going on our electrified journey,” said Mike Koval Jr., Ram brand CEO. “At Ram, we’ve redefined what pickup trucks can be and will do so again by pushing past what competitors are offering by delivering the best electric pickups on the market.”

The groundbreaking design continues inside the Revolution. Rear doors are hinged at the back and there’s no B-pillar, allowing for a wide-open view of the spacious interior. Ram has leaned into its usual roster of western-themed trims—Laramie and Longhorn—to stress that the doors open “saloon style.” The flexible interior layout showcases a large, reconfigurable center digital display, a removable center console with a fold-flat work area, industry-first third-row jump seats, and, most interesting, a powered midgate that allows for several cargo options. Removing the lower section of the midgate and center console allows for objects as long as 18 feet to pass from the bed, through the cab, and into the frunk. A “Ram Track” rail attachment system runs the length of the interior, forward into the frunk, and aft into the bed to provide tie-down options for all kinds of cargo.

Ram 1500 Revolution Battery-electric Vehicle interior

No matter where they’re seated, occupants have a great view inside this futuristic truck. The Revolution uses a full glass roof with electro-chromatic panels for dimming and roof rails that house ambient lightning. Those seats, by the way, are upholstered in faux leather made from apples, a byproduct of the produce. They’re just one of the sustainable textiles used in the interior, which also includes the textured floor finish made from recycled rubber and cork.

Ram promises that a 2024 production model will debut this calendar year. We expect that many of the groundbreaking features highlighted in the Revolution will make it to production. Look for the 2024 Ram BEV to be formally unveiled in the next few months, albeit with a toned-down expression of the Revolution’s styling. By then, we hope, Ram will be willing to share some real range and power figures.

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    Painted out black on the side glass will likely become b pillars in production models. Has any mass market 4 door true hardtop been built since the last of the 70s designs ended their runs?

    Many of the ideas here could be featured on ordinary ICE pickups, which would be extremely sensible. Stellantis has also floated the notion of a smallish range-extending ICE generator which would be a very wise decision, given the extreme limitations of today’s lithium-ion batteries.

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