In second “No Time to Die” trailer, everything goes airborne—including Bond

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The second trailer for Daniel Craig’s final Bond flick, No Time to Die, just splashed down on YouTube, and the movie looks like it packs all the requisite action movie goodies—and then some more. Head-spinning action sequences, stunningly attractive people, and, of course, badass transportation. Most of that transportation goes airborne, with complete disregard for whether or not it should. 

The trailer number two reprises the best machine-gun DB5 footage shown in the first, plus the V8 Vantage-plus-tie-adjustment-scene, but there are a few new faces as well. We finally sneak a peek of the promised Valhalla, which is disappointingly stationary. Don’t expect it to remain still—or intact—for much of the movie, though. Remember the Jaguar C-X75 in Spectre? Hypercars don’t historically fare well in Bond movies.

No Time to Die James Bond Aston Matin Valhalla

We snag a glimpse of this murderous and rather obscure 1990s Maserati, which sharp-eyed viewers will identify as a ’94 Quattroporte IV:

The sedan gets all four wheels off the ground—quite respectable.

Then we get this magnificent shot containing no fewer than three flying Defenders, plus a dirt bike:

No Time to Die James Bond flying Defenders

Hats off to the stunt crew.

Naturally, this Triumph Scrambler doesn’t stand a chance of staying earthbound for long:

Triumph Scrambler No Time to Die James Bond

We’ll close with this ridiculously cool scissor-wing plane that fulfills its multitasking abilities by folding into a submarine. Because, of course it does.

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