Land Rover flaunts Defender’s stunt-car capabilities in “No Time to Die” promo

Land Rover has released another video showcasing the all-new 2020 Defender in action during stunt rehearsals for the upcoming Bond flick, No Time to Die. British cars are as much a staple of a James Bond movie as oddly specific martinis and henchmen with awful marksmanship, and judging by the video in question, the new Defender will take center stage in some of the epic chase scenes we’ve come to love from 007.

Although a disclaimer at the beginning of the clip does mention that the vehicles have been modified for safety purposes, if the antics shown are any indication, the Defender is going to pack some serious off-road brawn. (Whether or not owners choose to engage in high-speed pursuits over loam-y countryside is their own decision—doing so might void the warranty.)

Set to the tune of the familiar James Bond theme music, the promo places the Defender’s sturdiness on full display. Frenetic shots of Defenders bounding through soft green cow pastures punctuate dashes through streams, close calls with, naturally, Triumph motorcycles, and even the occasional run-in with a pine tree. There’s even a shot of a Defender barrel-rolling out of the woods, munching it’s right-front corner, landing right-side up, and scurrying away. Sure!

new Land Rover Defender
Land Rover
new Land Rover Defender
Land Rover

We know that the new Defender will utilize an aluminum unibody construction, ditching the ladder-frame construction that girded the older models. Like it’s predecessors, the Defender will offer two sizes—the two-door short wheelbase Defender 90, and the four-door long wheelbase Defender 110. Power in U.S.-bound Defenders will come from either a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, badged P300, or a six-cylinder Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle (MHEV) powertrain, badged P400. 

The Defender 110 will be available in the U.S. this spring and will start at $50,925. The Defender 90 starts at $66,125 and will go on sale later in 2020. No Time to Die hits theaters April 10.

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