In rapture over the E-Type’s 60th, Jaguar douses a few F-Types in a ’60s paint color

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Jaguar’s starting the 60th-anniversary festivities for its renowned E-Type a few months early—but, given the nature of 2020, and the extraordinary legacy of the E-Type, we won’t begrudge the company a bit of anticipatory fanfare. The E-Type celebrates 60 years next March, and, though Jaguar’s already announced six matched pairs of restored 3.8-liter E-Types, it’s also releasing a batch of 60 special-edition F-Types.

The F-Type Heritage 60 Edition starts with either a coupe or convertible version of the supercharged, 575-hp F-Type R (which replaces the F-Type SVR for the 2021 model year). Then, Jaguar’s SV Bespoke team—its vehicle personalization division—is unleashed. The SV Bespoke team dug up the recipe for a genuine E-Type paint color, Sherwood Green, which was last available in 1968 on the E-Type. (The color debuted in 1957 on the XK 150.) All 60 F-Types in the limited run will receive this exterior color.


“With unrivaled access to original drawings, paint codes, and reference materials, working hand-in-hand with our colleagues at Jaguar Classic, we’ve created a distinctive and highly collectible interpretation of the definitive Jaguar sports car,” says Clare Hansen, director of vehicle personalization at Jaguar’s Special Vehicle Operations (SVO).

The design team down-played other visual elements of the special edition’s exterior, choosing black brake calipers, gloss-black 20-inch wheels, and gloss black and chrome accents sprinkled elsewhere.

Inside the car, customers of the 60 commemorative F-Types will enjoy a model-exclusive Caraway and Ebony Windsor leather experience. Logos abound, whether embossed on the seats or stamped on the door sills. The aluminum dash panel represents another nod to the past: its texture mimics that on the back of the 3.8-liter E-Type’s rearview mirror.


These Heritage 60 Edition F-Types will certainly be among the most handsome on the streets—but it’s far more likely that most of the limited-edition Brits will be spending time in climate-controlled garages, probably parked next to their more illustrious older sibling.

To our Jag collecting audience: Does the Heritage 60 Edition F-Type strike your fancy, or would you prefer to put the money towards the E-Type of your dreams? Let us know in the comments below.

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