Coach doors create the ultimate G-Wagen


How do you out-Maybach Mercedes? Add coach doors, reckons German “atelier” Hoefle.

The company’s new Ultimate HG is even more ostentatious than the Mercedes-Maybach GLS SUV thanks to rear opening doors and electric side steps for a dramatic arrival at the country club.

Two individual VIP seats swathed in Nappa leather and Alcantara take up the rear and are equipped with massage, heating, and ventilation, controlled by a central touchscreen. Wireless charging for your Vertu bespoke smartphone is standard, of course.

The Ultimate HG is distinguished externally by bespoke two-tone coachwork in Carpathian Grey by Range Rover and Crystal Black by Rolls-Royce. A new grille, bumper and headlight surrounds are fitted, chrome waistline trim is added and massive 23-inch alloy wheels lift the G-Wagen even higher off the ground. That electric step will definitely come in handy and to make sure any entrance is truly dazzling there’s a powerful light bar fitted to the roof.

The Ultimate HG can built on any G-Wagen but surely anything less than the G63 AMG would be beneath you?

Hoefle G-Class 4
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