Ford v Ferrari: Watch Ken Block’s Hoonicorn battle the F8 Tributo


It’s time for a repeat of the classic American-Italian grudge match, as Ken Block lines up his Hoonicorn Ford Mustang against a bright yellow Ferrari F8 Tributo.

Both cars pack twin-turbo V-8 motors between their axles, with the 1965 Mustang’s motor pushed back to allow the fitting of a front differential. (The Ford is four-wheel driven for maximum hoonage.) The motor and Sadev sequential transmission are so tightly squeezed under the hood that there’s no room for the supercharger the Hoonigan team originally wanted to fit. Instead, two massive turbochargers atop the V-8 boost power to a Bugatti-busting 1400 hp.

Can the Ferrari, with rear drive, launch control, and 700 hp possibly outrun Block’s favorite Ford? You can probably do the math, but the race is a best out of three and there are some surprises, so watch the video below to find out. It’s the latest in a series of “Hoonicorn vs The World” where the wild Mustang takes also takes on a McLaren Senna and a trophy truck, so stay tuned to the Hoonigan YouTube channel for more action.

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