The only Porsche Carrera GT race car in the world could be yours

Mechatronik GmbH

Porsche never made a racing version of the crazy Carrera GT, but that didn’t stop a Belgian owner having one built, dubbing it the Carrera GT-R.

The one-off hypercar was modified for track use by Belgian endurance racing race team GPR Racing in 2005 at a cost of 220,000 Euros (around $340,000 today) on top of the original $448,000 sticker price.

The changes included fitting a Motec control unit for the V-10 engine, bespoke wishbones and pushrods for the suspension, new AP Racing brakes, and a racing clutch. An air lift system was installed for rapid pit stops to change the BBS magnesium wheels. The interior was stripped of all luxury items, the passenger seat was replaced by a fire extinguisher system, and the driver’s seat with a racing unit and Willans harness.

Mechatronik GmbH

This so-called GT-R was built to compete in the World Endurance Championship but Balance of Performance rules prevented it being permitted to deploy its 650 hp in competition. The irony here is that the Carrera GT actually begun life as a secret Le Mans Prototype that also never made it to a circuit.

Despite the car being ineligible for racing, the owner did manage to put it to good use on the road and on track days, and the car has covered just over 2000 km (1,240 miles). It is currently for sale at German specialist dealer Mechatronik near Stuttgart for 849,000 Euros or just over $1 million.

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