Can a new Ford GT outrun the Hoonicorn Mustang?

Ken Block and his certifiably insane 1965 Mustang have set about racing all comers in series of videos that have ranged from absolutely predictable to total toss-up. This episode falls somewhere in between, as a new Ford GT toes the line in a runoff that looks exactly like my daydreams from 9th grade science class.

Quick recap: Ford’s short run of of retro-inspired GTs back in 2005 and 2006  became an instant collectible, right out of the gate. It was enough of a hit that when Ford let announced a bonafide, modern GT supercar for 2017, it instituted an application process to narrow down which lucky customers would receive the honor of handing over $500,000 and driving off in a true domestic exotic. Ford gave priority to high-visibility clients (read: famous people and influencers), and that appears to be paying off in the sense that this video showcases the absolute snot out being driven out of this Carbon Series Ford GT.

In truth, however, this race was lopsided as a teeter totter with a sideshow body builder squatting on one end and a ballet dancer balancing on the other. The purpose-built Hoonicorn Mustang is the sideshow, of course; the only thing left unaltered is the roof, everything else has been sculpted with the intent of being bigger, faster, and smokier for use in Ken Block’s Gymkhana series. The twin-turbocharged Roush-Yates V-8 huffs methanol, which allows it to run without a cooling system—1400 hp never looked so effortless.

The corner-carving GT is more artfully crafted, but in this context it is just plain outmuscled. It weighs more, packs less than half the power from its 647-horse turbocharged V-6, and wields rear-wheel-drive against the launching power of Ken’s all-wheel drive Hoonicorn. Of course, the GT can drop into certain Ford dealers for an oil change after this race, if it necessary. Good luck with that, Ken.

The first race goes a bit better than you’d expect. Personally, I think Ken was playing with his food a bit and was not fully into the throttle for the duration of the run. The second run shows just how fast the Hoonicorn is, as Ken sits at the starting line waiting for the GT to pass at 40 mph before dropping the clutch and giving chase. Ken still handily wins. The Ford GT wears the loss with dignity and treats us viewers to some donuts, which is awesome to see considering most people will at most see a Ford GT idle into and out of a car show. Good on that owner for putting this one through its paces, even while getting completely outpaced.

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