Amped-up Rollers by Lunaz are silent-running classics

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Lunaz Design

With Bentleys and Jaguars already under its belt, British EV entrepreneur Lunaz Design has turned to Rolls-Royce to create the ultimate luxury volts-wagons.

The Silverstone-based company is offering 30 build slots for electrified classic Phantoms and Silver Clouds, and claims to be able to convert any body style from a four-door limousine, to a two-door coupe or drophead.

Lunaz Design Rolls Royce 3
Lunaz Design

The first car to be completed is a massive eight-seater 1961 Phantom V. Like every commission the Phantom underwent a complete bare metal restoration before the electric powertrain was installed. A 120-kWh battery pack gives the Phantom a stated range of over 300 miles on a charge. Other upgrades include modern air conditioning, an infotainment system with screens for rear passengers, and a navigation system for the chauffeur.

Lunaz Design

Owner-drivers might prefer the Silver Cloud. The Lunaz conversion can be done on any model from 1955 to 1966 and uses a smaller, 80-kWh battery but still achieves a driving range in excess of 300 miles.

Founder David Lorenz says: The time is right for an electric Rolls-Royce. We are answering the need to marry beautiful classic design with the usability, reliability, and sustainability of an electric powertrain. More than ever we are meeting demand for clean-air expressions of the most beautiful and luxurious cars in history. We are proud to make a classic Rolls-Royce relevant to a new generation.”

With Silver Clouds starting at $460,000 and Phantom prices from $660,000 the cost of driving a classic with a clean conscience is considerably higher than that of its ICE equivalent.

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