Alfa Romeo adds racing liveries to its 540-hp Giulia GTA and GTAm pair

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Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo decided that the best way forward is to launch its most hardcore four-doors to date, with the new Giulia GTAs and GTAms packing 540 horsepower for the equivalent of $194,000 and $200,000 in Europe. Only 500 of these twin-turbo V-6 wonders will be made, and because Alfa’s new specials should remind you of works competition department Autodelta’s aluminum-bodied GTAs of 1965, these flagship Giulias can even be collected from the former Autodelta workshop in Balocco.

To keep us occupied, Alfa’s GTA configurator is now live, and if you believe that sticking purely to the colors of the Italian flag with GTA Red, Trophy White, or Montreal Green would not do these cars justice, know that Centro Stile Alfa Romeo has also cooked up a few retro-themed liveries for this package:

Of course, Alfa Romeo’s designers had a rather easy job here. Painted noses came into fashion to help distinguishing drivers from each other in the 1950s and ’60s; the original GTAs’ most famous victories included the 1971 European Touring Car Championship, won by a yellow-nosed Giulia. The 1965–68 Sprint GTAs got an asymmetrical nose from Autodelta, while the GTA 1300 Juniors came with symmetrical ones.

By choosing the white or yellow mask combined with various stripes or the colors of the Italian flag—or the Alfa Romeo logo with the cross, the Biscione, and the Italian flag on the hood—these GTA and GTAm Giulias can be customized far beyond what the three base color—plus the choice of brake calipers, roll bar finishes, seat belts, and stitching—allow for.

Regardless of your livery choices, and optioned correctly otherwise, these cars weigh 3351 pounds. That’s partly thanks to the central titanium exhaust system made by Slovenian specialist Akrapovič, and partly to even more carbon fiber being used for the wheel arch extensions, diffuser, wing, drive shaft, hood, roof, and front bumper.

An already hot sedan pushed to another level.

Alfa Romeo Giulla GTAm
Alfa Romeo
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