Alfaholics now makes a bare carbon body for classic Alfa Giulias


Alfaholics is a British company turning classic Alfa Romeo 105/115 Series Coupés (which you may know as close to base-spec Giulia Sprints) into tastefully upgraded GTA-inspired driving machines of the highest quality. When it comes to the new stuff, Alfa’s recently announced and carbon-intensive 540-hp Giulia GTA and GTAm pair may be lighter and more powerful than any modern Giulia so far but—for a price well north of $250,000—Alfaholics’ range-topping GTA-R 290s have a much better power-to-weight ratio.

And with no driver aids to mute the experience, here’s Chris Harris showing off Alfaholics’ magic:

Alfaholics “Ultraleggera” billet titanium suspension package, the carbon hood, trunk lid, and door shells (plus a very basic interior) already makes the GTA-R 290 an 1829-pound affair—one that also packs a 2.3-liter four-cylinder with Motec fuel injection, which revs well beyond 7000 rpm for 240 horses.

Yet if you would like to save another 84 pounds, or perhaps a full 154 pounds over a steel-bodied GTA-R, Alfaholics has a new solution: a full bare carbon-fiber conversion.

Seam welding all around and a full roll cage in an Alfa Romeo GTA running on 15-inch wheels, and weighing 1746 pounds including your driving gloves. But do you clear coat such a machine, or go rosso or giallo to trick us all? No wrong answer here.

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