What U.S. County Has the Most Camaros per Capita?

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The Ford Mustang celebrated its 60th anniversary a few weeks ago, and it got us wondering where it is in the U.S. of A that America’s pony car is most popular. We surveyed our insurance data to find out, and learned that a little county in Kansas is Mustang-crazy, and created an interactive map to see where the rest of the country stacks up. Well, in the tradition of GM’s pony car lagging behind a bit, here’s another map, this one showing where in America the Camaro is most popular. Hover over it to see which counties have the most Chevrolet Camaros per capita.

Located at the very tip-top of the Lower 48 and sharing a border with both Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Bottineau County, North Dakota gets its name from nineteenth-century frontiersman Pierre Bottineau. Per the 2020 census, it has a population of 6379 people, and there is a Camaro insured by Hagerty for every 199 of them. It seems the rest of North Dakota is Camaro country, too, because seven of the top 20 counties with the most Camaros per capita are in the Peace Garden State.

We noted in our last map that Kansas loves Mustangs, but apparently Kansans just love pony cars in general. Sheridan County, KS, which has the most Mustangs per capita in the country, also has the second most Camaros, with one for every 243 people. The county with the third highest Camaro count per capita is in Kansas as well. As for the rest of the country, where does your hometown stack up?


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    Dang, I woulda lost money on this one. Given the number of Camaros that populate our local shows, I would have figured this area of SW Idaho to be at least in the top 50 – but apparently most of them got unloaded off the railcars in the plains states before making it this far west! 😛

    I would have guessed a southern state. for some of those midwest/southwest counties, having one camaro in the county can significantly skew the results

    For some reason I find this hilarious. I’d love to see an overlap of barbers specializing in mullets.

    I would think that this count would not be very accurate. Using only insurance records to do the count would for sure come up short. Most with collections do not insure their cars they have dealer tags or transporter tags they they put on the car if they want to drive them. I myself am a Mustang guy I have 16 and only two are insured. Here in North Carolina if you put a tag on your car you pay property tax before you can get that tag. So most do not tag them. I had a neighbor with a Corvette for ever year and all were black. He never paid taxes on them because he never got tags for them. So I think the count for both cars is flawed and not accurate at all.

    So it’s not 100% accurate in accounting for every car out there. Who cares? It’s still an interesting data point that is based in fact. Have a chat about it over coffee with a friend and move on with your life. It’s just an interesting thing that has to do with enthusiast cars.

    Hagerty could choose to never say anything interesting, close up the cool media they do and just collect insurance checks. Don’t encourage them to only take your money and give nothing back… You might get exactly what you want.

    Canadian here. Do you mean “sharing a border with both MANITOBA and Saskatchewan”? Winnipeg is a City in the Province of Manitoba and does not abut North Dakota.

    I have one of each so as not to skew the count but I also have a Challenger. I call it my pony car trifecta. When are you going to report on Challengers?

    Just a small geographical point, but North Dakota does not share a border with Winnipeg, which is a city about 100 kilometres north of the Canada/U.S. border. ND does share a border with the province of Manitoba of which Winnipeg is the capital.

    We love our cars in Kansas. I alone have 2 Camaros and 2 GTAs in my collection along with a GTO. So guess I’m helping our 299 ranking with 1 for every 1398 people where I reside.

    I think it’s funny that you have to get to the border with Canada to find the most per capita. Lower population helps. Once again my county in Texas has the most of in this case a Camaro, last time it was Mustang of any place I have lived in.

    Back in the 1970s, Billings County, North Dakota had the highest number of 4x4s per capita. It is in the ND Badlands, cattle ranchers, and dirt roads. It also has a very low number of ham radio operators, which makes it difficult for other hams to WACC(Work All Counties Country).

    Interesting statistics. Living in the Texas Hill Country, I also found it interesting, and amusing, that Edwards County, TX is listed as having the 4th most Camaro’s per capita in the US. Edwards County, TX has a total population (according to the 2020 census) of 1,422 people. With a ranking as #4, with one Camaro for every 356 people, that means there are a total of FOUR Camaros in the county. There are only 2 towns in the county: Rock Springs with a population of 874 souls, and Barksdale with a population of 91. That takes care of 3 of the Camaro’s. With the size of the county, that could mean the fourth one may be somewhere out with one of the remaining few souls living in the 2,118 square miles of land in this very rural Texas county. Aren’t statistics fun?

    I’d like to know which states have the most “classic” cars registered per capita in general, not specifically Mustangs or Camaros.

    I spoke to a Hagerty Insurance agent at Summit Motorsports Part in Norwalk, OH two weeks ago. He said OH, MI, FL have a significant amount of muscle cars. It would be nice to see how many cars per state without including the per capita calculation.

    Indiana is the state with the most obese populace. Massachusetts, New York the slimmest and best educated, most intelligent. Be interesting to contrast the cars those states’ car folk admire/own with the rest of ‘Murica.

    This is misleading, as it tabulates vehicles insured by Hagerty. If there is an especially strong agent representing Hagerty in a specific area, it would certainly skew the results. An accurate measure would be by counting those registered with the state DMV within a county. There are other insurers – Berkley Classics, Grundy, etc.; most home/auto carriers will include a classic (or modern) as well.

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