What U.S. County Has the Most Camaros per Capita?

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The Ford Mustang celebrated its 60th anniversary a few weeks ago, and it got us wondering where it is in the U.S. of A that America’s pony car is most popular. We surveyed our insurance data to find out, and learned that a little county in Kansas is Mustang-crazy, and created an interactive map to see where the rest of the country stacks up. Well, in the tradition of GM’s pony car lagging behind a bit, here’s another map, this one showing where in America the Camaro is most popular. Hover over it to see which counties have the most Chevrolet Camaros per capita.

Located at the very tip-top of the Lower 48 and sharing a border with both Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Bottineau County, North Dakota gets its name from nineteenth-century frontiersman Pierre Bottineau. Per the 2020 census, it has a population of 6379 people, and there is a Camaro insured by Hagerty for every 199 of them. It seems the rest of North Dakota is Camaro country, too, because seven of the top 20 counties with the most Camaros per capita are in the Peace Garden State.

We noted in our last map that Kansas loves Mustangs, but apparently Kansans just love pony cars in general. Sheridan County, KS, which has the most Mustangs per capita in the country, also has the second most Camaros, with one for every 243 people. The county with the third highest Camaro count per capita is in Kansas as well. As for the rest of the country, where does your hometown stack up?


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    Car data points come for Hagery files + seem to cluster in the middle of the map – maybe that reflects where Hagerty is known best. => Otta compare with a map of which counties have the most Hagerty customers.

    and about that hot spot in TX?

    This is a fun map. I would have thought most Camaros would be in California. If you are going to be wrong, might as well be real wrong. I thought snow country would be the worst place for them to survive. Guess they are not driving around in the snow but are keeping them in a dry warm garage until fair weather arrives.

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