Losses and Lessons: Cat escapes bear, but Maverick doesn’t

VEHICLE: 1971 Ford Maverick

WHAT WENT WRONG: Timing is everything, and sometimes it’s almost too much to bear – literally, as it turns out, for the owner of a 1971 Ford Maverick and a stray cat. After having the floor of his garage redone, the Ford owner was forced to leave his car outside overnight. What could happen, right? Plenty. Awakened by a loud commotion in his yard, the Maverick man discovered a bear in hot pursuit of a cat. The feline got away, but not before it led the bear on a high-speed chase across the hood of the Maverick.

DAMAGE/LOSS: Dents and deep claw gouges on the hood, cowl and right front fender resulted in a $6,400 repair bill, which Hagerty paid.

LESSON: If your babysitter canceled, you wouldn’t leave your child at home alone, you’d find another babysitter. What about applying the same rule to your classic?  To keep your car safe, about the only time you should leave it outside overnight is when you travel. If you’re planning to do some work on your home or in your garage that will require leaving your car outside, it’s always a good idea to find temporary storage. Ask a friend or family member to garage it, or consider asking the mechanic or dealership that services your daily driver if they might have a place to store it for a night or two.

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