1986’s battle of the body kits: DP Porsche 935 vs. Kolb Ford T-Bird Turbo

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To say that Germany’s DP Motorsport made 935 body kits would be a vast understatement. Founded in 1973 by Ekkehard Zimmermann, “Design Plastic” Motorsport supplied both the Kremer and the Joest teams with their Le Mans widebody sets throughout the 1970s, only to move into the tuning business by 1983. With a division in Sweden and Gemballa-shaming Porsche 911 and 930 options— including big turbos and intercoolers, TV sets, cocktail bars and bulletproof glass—DP Motorsport focused mainly on the American and Middle Eastern markets. Other models in its catalogue included Porsche 928s and 944s, De Tomaso Panteras, and Ferrari’s 308s.

However, dancing on the razor edge of legality with up to 400 hp on tap, a DP 935 cost nearly $100,000 in 1986.

That’s why MotorWeek of ’86 felt obligated to help out those on a tighter budget by showing off Bill Kolb’s Ford-warrantied Thunderbird and Mustang turbo offerings as well. At roughly $20,000 and sold through New York’s Faulkner Ford dealership, the Kolb T-Birds (and Mustang Turbo SVO soft tops) came with air-to-air intercoolers for improved performance, and a bolt-on body kit sprayed to factory colors.

Individuality on a shoestring budget compared to those special Porsches, for all the “would-be James Bonds out there.”

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