Make a splash anywhere in this Ruf-powered 1986 Gemballa Avalanche

Uwe Gemballa founded his tuner company in 1981 to become a pioneer of audiovisual upgrades and body kits that would only hit a chord with the finest connoisseurs of the coachbuilt industry—and Vanilla Ice. Four decades after the first Porsche 930-based Avalanche hit the streets, we are looking at two new directions for the brand. First, the new Gemballa company founded after Uwe’s death is now headed by Steffen Korbach, who intends to launch an off-road 911 called the Gemballa Avalanche 4×4.

 Gemballa Avalanche 4x4 off roader rear
 Gemballa Avalanche 4x4 off roader front

At the same time, Uwe Gemballa’s son Marc Philipp also wants to enter the scene with a 911-based crossover. Meanwhile, Ruf’s latest is a 911-shaped all-wheel-drive desert special called the Safari. If this all seems rather confusing, and you aren’t interested in modern all-terrain proposals, how about a 375-horsepower blast down Highway 1986?

1986 avalanche interior

Finished in Pearlescent White over a black leather interior, this ultra-rare left-hand-drive Gemballa Avalanche was first delivered to a dealer in Puerto Rico in 1986. With Ruf’s 375-horsepower twin-turbo engine, five-speed dog-leg gearbox, and dual-exhaust system, this slantnose is one potent 930, featuring 17-inch HRE wheels, a power sunroof, air-conditioning and an Alpine hi-fi system.

Vendor Coys of London believes no more than fifteen of these Avalanches were made, with this car representing a rare combination of Gemballa’s unmistakable lines and Ruf’s proven turbo performance. Mind you, a 14,000-mile Gemballa Avalanche could also represent great value, given that Ruf’s own 930-based BTRs can exchange hands at close to half a million dollars these days.

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