These 6 varied vehicles are all under $30K

It’s not as easy as it used to be to find a worthy car to add to your collection. Facebook listings can be a crapshoot. Craigslist is a shell of its former self. Hagerty’s solution is Marketplace, where we strive for accurate listings and provide buyers and sellers with current market values to help them make the right decisions.

We poked around just for a bit and turned up dozens of interesting vehicles that would suit collectors of just about any taste. Whether you’re looking for something sporty or capable, there’s probably a car, truck, or 4×4 that would be a welcome addition to your garage. Here are six that come in under $30,000.

1968 Commer AutoSleeper Caravan

Marketplace member Dr.D

Asking Price: $28,900

We admit that we included this post mostly because we basically never see these little campers go up for sale. Some of us had never even heard of one before. These mini motorhomes are every bit as charming as a VW Westfalia but seem to pack a bit more room. Don’t go crazy loading up all of those drawers and cabinets though, its four-cylinder engine has only got 52 hp. Still, this would make for a fun road tripper to take on some scenic roads. If that wasn’t enough to sell you, this one comes with a record player!

1971 Datsun 240Z

Marketplace user Blake Morris

Asking Price: $26,000

The blue and white paint, from a restoration in 2016, is an homage to the BRE race cars that won the SCCA C Production championship in 1970 with John Morton behind the wheel. The car’s interior was also refinished at that time and appears to be in solid condition. While this car’s engine and transmission aren’t original to the car, the recently rebuilt 2.4 liter L24 inline-six is the correct mill for a 240Z, and the trans s from a 280Z so it sports five speeds instead of the original four. Other upgrades include triple Weber induction that sure lets the six breathe as intended. The seller stated that the brakes and suspension have been serviced and upgraded, delivering the sportiness promised by the Z’s racy looks.

1985 Toyota Pickup

Marketplace user YoterIndustries

Asking Price: $22,000

Besides being a beautifully clean example of a simple, rugged truck, this 1985 Toyota has been given the full Back to the Future treatment with the right lift, bumper, light bar, and of course the KC Daylighter spotlights. While the DeLorean time machine is the vehicular star of Back to the Future, Marty’s dream pickup also played a significant role. This one was treated to a new interior and pant job in 2020, so it’s still looking like it’s fresh from 1985. Use this as a parts hauler and take it to RADwood!

1964 Ford Falcon Ranchero

Marketplace member David Gabhart

Asking Price: $13,800

If you’re looking for something with a little more utility to keep your classic Mustang company, this 1964 Ranchero may be the perfect addition to your collection. The Falcon-based ute shares the Mustang’s underpinnings, so you won’t have to learn about any new maintenance chores. This one originally came with a 170 cubic-inch engine but is now powered by a 200-cubic-inch version of the same Ford inline-six family. Overall the car looks like it’s been well cared for, especially the interior, but the seller does have one caveat: the mini pickup still has drum brakes, so while its color scheme looks racy, don’t go charging too hard into the apex unless you’ve upgraded to something with more stopping power.

1952 Buick Roadmaster

Marketplace member Christina Guillen

Asking Price: $9800

Our first thought upon seeing this fabulous four-door cruiser was that the original paint had weathered quite nicely. Well, that’s actually a repaint that’s been a bit muted by the southern California sun, but the effect is still the same: this car is cool. With just the right amount of chrome and the fender flourishes of quad Ventports, this Buick oozes style. It’s powered by an overhead-valve inline-eight for smooth and effortless torque, perfect for eating up highway miles. As you can see, its green-on-green color scheme is right at home at the beach, but we think this classic would look great with a desert backdrop to blend in with the sagebrush on a cruise up Route 66.

1978 BMW 530i

Marketplace user Daniel C

Asking Price: $8000

This first-gen 5 Series features one of the E12’s most potent mills, a 176-hp 3.0-liter straight-six, along with a tidy interior and an upgraded manual gearbox that now offers five speeds. The diagonal M stripes make a bold visual statement while the seller notes that the header that makes the BMW six sound even sweeter. With an asking price of $8000, which is below its current #3 (Good) value, this may be an affordable way to indulge your inner Hofmeister kink.

This is just a sampling of what Marketplace has to offer, if you’ve got something in particular in mind, do some browsing of your own. Posts last 90 days, or until the vehicle is sold, so listings change daily. Good luck, and happy hunting!

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