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    That was always my take it they flipped the Honda for Acuras Caliper.

    But the H is what they use in Japan as there is no Acura it is just all Honda.

    I think the Simpsons mentioning the Honda Accord was one of those weird/funny things. Ahh the good old days!

    As a kid, growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, we used to laugh at those funny little Jap cars. Little did we know then that the Japanese auto industry would force the U.S. to actually build better cars.
    Also, the Honda NSX forced Ferrari to build better, more reliable, cars too!

    The best Honda badge of all times, was on their early import motorcycles. It was a black disc, with the Honda wing, and underneath, it simply said, DREAM! I have a Honda CJ360T rolling basket, which I want to build as a Brat bike with a Montgomery Wards Benelli Mojave gas tank, I bought when Cosmo went out of business, $50, should have bought them all! I have two of the dream badges.

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