Peek inside Honda history with this (digital) museum tour


Honda took a minute to snag a foothold in the U.S. market when it first brought over its small-displacement motorcycles in 1959. It was the work of dealers like Dave Mungenast that helped the brand gain traction. Like many dealers passionate about the brand they sold, Mungenast retained both the significant and seemingly nondescript pieces of Honda history over the years. The result is a museum chock-full of awesome motorcycles and artifacts.

Luckily, Honda didn’t want this to be a hidden museum. Instead, it recently released a video on its YouTube page giving a tour of the museum; from where we sit, it looks like that video only touches on a few of the high points—but not all of them.

There are rows of motorcycles, from vintage rough-and-tumble XR series to futuristic ’80s turbocharged street machines. If there is a five-minute way to navigate through the vast array of what Honda has built on two wheels, this is it. Take a quick break on your Friday afternoon and envision yourself out on two wheels for a minute—just like I am.


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