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Bubba Dave Dunlavy

Decorah, IA

When I was young, cars were a way to get away from the house. I never had enough money to have one that didn't need work. Then in the late 1900's, I quit rebuilding airplanes and wanted a Model A Ford. Never got one but have had mostly Fords.



I have restored several old Fords from a two cylinder1905 through Ford Model T’s. I had not been interested in later model cars until I realized the Skyliner was a major design accomplishment. This engineering marvel was designed long before computers. After looking at many ads for cars to restore, I found a car on Craig’s List with 19 pictures of it. They were exactly the kind of pictures you would want to see when buying a car. The car didn’t have much rust. It would run and had a title. When I showed the pictures to my mechanic friend, another fellow also looked at the pictures and said “that’s a 292 Y-block with a 2-barrell carburetor.” Since I would not know a Y-block engine if it bit me on the ankle, I got to know the onlooker and arranged with him to help me. He knew most of the important stuff I did not know and wanted to help with the project. I bought the car. Four years later it’s done.