This modernized Vincent could be the perfect cafe racer


The act of modifying one’s motorcycle is as old as the motorcycle itself, but taking those modifications to the level of a reimagination is a relatively new idea. It requires both craft and taste to blend yesterday’s aesthetics with today’s technology—two qualities which Patrick Godet, judging from this build, possesses in spades. We would say Godet’s work is top-notch, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Have a look yourself.

Godet was first known as an expert restorer of Vincents, but he took things to another level once he got his hands on an Egli-Vincent. His relationship with Fritz Egli blossomed and Godet was granted license to reproduce Egli’s redesigned frame. This new frame sharpened the vague handling of the original and laid the perfect groundwork for a restomod.

Godet left no part of the bike untouched. The 1000cc V-twin Vincent engine was punched out to 1330cc, which makes for a considerable power bump over what was already a highly capable engine. The engine also received an electric starter, eliminating the need for the kick starter. Jay finds that last change a bit disconcerting, but we’d bet that most find that start button to be magic and won’t miss the effort required to kick over a big twin like this one.

Slowing the machine down is a quad-leading shoe front drum brake. This design is self-energizing on all four shoes, which means the effort the rider puts in at the lever is multiplied by how the brake shoes are connected to the backing plate. Scrubbing that speed is probably just as much fun as accelerating, since you get to watch the needle on the massive speedometer swing about with watch-like precision.

The Godet Egli-Vincent wasn’t the first motorcycle reimagination, nor the last—but it could be the best. At least, Jay thinks so. Do you agree? Leave your thoughts in the Hagerty Community below.

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