This “Flat Out” marathon of vintage cars at full blast will rev you up

Flat Out Ferrari Daytona Hagerty

There are few things better than seeing a great example of a classic car letting it all hang out on the track. That’s why we created our Flat Out series of short videos highlighting some of our favorite classic and performance cars. There’s no voiceover, and most of them don’t even have a musical soundtrack, relying solely on the engine note and tire chatter to tell the story.

The first-ever Flat Out featured a 1978 Datsun 280Z that owner Tyler Hamersma bought when he was 14. Nice taste, Tyler! For that first episode, we visited Pontiac, Michigan’s M1 Concourse where Tyler was nice enough to hustle the car around a few laps to let the Z stretch its legs and give the tires a workout.

If you’d like to watch them all, it will take you less than an hour, as each short is only a few minutes long, and includes just the car and its driver doing what they were intended to do. Some of the cars might surprise you, too, like the 1985 Lamborghini Jalpa or the LS6-swapped 1975 911.

My personal favorite is the Shelby GT350 video filmed at Streets of Willow at Rosamond, California’s Willow Springs because it came out not long after I’d been given the opportunity to drive a continuation Shelby on the same track. You may recognize the scenery; Streets of Willow is adjacent to “Big Willow,” a historic track that was recently featured in Ford v Ferrari.

Until you can get out and enjoy a racetrack for yourself, enjoy the next best thing.

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