Ford will reprint a window sticker for your 1987–89 Fox-body Mustang

Rejoice, all ye 1987–89 Fox-body Mustang owners: Ford will now reprint a window sticker for your classic. All you’ll need to provide is your vehicle VIN number and $59.99.

Well, we suppose you’ll also some patience because shows a shipping time of 4–6 weeks. However, for 1987–89 Mustang owners, the wait may be worth it; up until now, Ford’s only offered reprinted window stickers for 2007–19 models. (That’s not limited to Mustangs, either; it applies to all Fords, Lincolns, and Mercurys.) Sadly, if you’re the proud owner of a four-eyed Fox-body, anywhere in the ’79–86 model year range, no window sticker for you. Why didn’t Ford open up the reprinting option for the entire 1979–93 run of Fox-body ’Stangs? Who knows.

We’re just happy to see an OEM bolstering its relationship with those who treasure its older models. If you were looking for the final perfect touch for your recently-restored 1987–89, or simply want the satisfaction of factory-approved documentation, hop on over to Ford’s site and start tapping away.

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