A video history of the Cadillac V-Series engines


YouTube channel 337 Speed just published a great retrospective of Cadillac’s V-Series and Blackwing cars, with a focus on their various V-8 and V-6 powerplants. The clip includes Cadillac’s first foray into high-performance sport sedans, the edgy CTS-V powered by the naturally aspirated LS6 shared from the fifth-generation Corvette’s Z06, all the way to the last V-8-powered V-series introduced, the brawny and luxurious Escalade-V.

This video includes lots of tech specs that most reviewers ignore, but if you’re a gearhead it’s fun to compare the cam specs and cylinder head flow as the V-Series engines progressed from port-injected Gen III and Gen IV V-8s (and two applications of Northstar V-8) to direct injected Gen V V-8s. Of course, there’s also the change from natural aspiration to supercharged and then on to twin-turbocharged in the case of the CT6 Blackwing and the V-6-powered ATS-V and CT4-V.

With a lot of great visuals and some great engine soundtracks, 337 Speed really has us mourning the short-lived Blackwing V-8. We’ve also got a soft spot for the CTS-V wagon, one of the coolest longroofs in recent memory. If you’ve got a favorite Cadillac V-Series, you may still learn a thing or two about it from this short video, but if anything, it’s a nice refresher on the timeline of some of the greatest performance engines from the modern era.

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