Tune into 23 glorious, dust-covered hours of “Barn Find Hunter”

With most of the country and the world doing its best to be responsible and avoid public places, many of us have found ourselves bored without our usual diversions. If you’ve got eye strain from reading and just want to ogle some dusty sheetmetal, Barn Find Hunter has plenty of episodes to keep you occupied.

Tom Cotter and his dauntless video crew have visited hundreds of leads and chased countless dead ends to bring us nearly 23 hours of adventures over 76 full episodes and five shorts. Some adventures have a couple interesting finds and take fifteen minutes; others involve massive caches of cool old iron and last more than 30 minutes. Either way, each Barn Find Hunter episode is only as long as it needs to be—that’s the beauty of not having to fit into a broadcast time slot.

I’ve gotta admit, there are still a few of the 81 BFH episodes I haven’t seen yet, but I have seen most of them, and each one has its highlight. One of my favorites is episode 48, when Tom and the BFH crew visit a former Buick dealership in Ohio that’s packed with all kinds of treasures. This episode in particular hits a lot of my interests:

I can’t even pinpoint a single highlight of this episode. It features two of my favorite American-V-8-powered European cars—the DeTomaso Mangusta and the Facel Vega—and a slew of convertibles, both British and American. Even the architecture of the dealership, built in 1941, is worthy of praise. No matter your tastes, you’re bound to either find something that sparks some nostalgia or learn something new in this segment.

Episode 44 was filmed in Virginia, not too far from North Carolina and in the heart of NASCAR country, and features the kind of racing hardware you just know is lurking in those overgrown barns. Tom speaks with Snowball Bishop, a former racer who dropped a NASCAR-surplus 426 Max Wedge from Richard Petty into a Dirt Modified car. How does Tom find these guys?

Finally, I’ve got to highlight some of the best-preserved and rare muscle ever seen on Barn Find Hunter. I won’t spoil it—but if you’re a Pontiac fan like me, you won’t want to skip this one.

With almost an entire day’s worth of footage, Barn Find Hunter is a great way to pass the time. Start the Barn Find Hunter playlist at the beginning, and the hours will fly by.

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