Our Mini rebuilt got wrapped up just two weeks ago, but if you thought Davin would wait longer than required to clean the shop before pulling in the next project, you must be new here. For the latest Redline Rebuild, it’s something bright red, two-door, manual transmission–equipped, and absolutely rust-free—just like Davin likes them. This one is a little different than average though, for a few reasons.

Say hello to this 1993 Jeep Cherokee with a 4.0-liter inline-six. It’s the newest car to be on the receiving end of the Redline Rebuild treatment, which means there are a few pieces and processes that will be new. Those surface right away as Davin yanks the engine and transmission onto the floor to be cleaned and prepped for disassembly.

Two of the new elements of this rebuild are the catalytic converters on the exhaust, but they are rusted in place just like most exhaust systems Davin encounters. One cat is also blown out from years of use. Just because it looks good from the outside doesn’t mean it’s functioning properly inside. The transmission tells the same story, as it just doesn’t shift quite right. Another odd hurdle was all the wiring that had to be removed before the engine could be pulled. From the fiddly fuel injector clips to the air conditioning system, it all comes apart, though. Now, it’s time to get cleaning.

This might appear to be a relatively boring build, but we’ve seen Davin’s search history and suspect there will be a few fun parts going into this one. To see just what he has up his sleeve, be sure to subscribe to the Hagerty YouTube channel to never miss a video.

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