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On this episode of The Appraiser, Colin’s appraising a Chevrolet Camaro “ZL1” Clone that isn’t as polished on the inside as it is on the outside- and that may make Colin’s final number lose its luster with the owner. There’s also a Porsche 930 Turbo that was turned up all the way to 11 back in the day, with an Andial-built engine, period-correct fuzz busters, and more. Will its incorrect purple paint job cause this car to be pulled over on its race up the valuation chart by Officer Comer?

As usual, Colin’s got the answers to these questions and a lot more. Join him as he digs in to arrive at a value for both cars and then shares them with the owners. Will they agree with him? Will you? Sound off in the comments section and let Colin know!

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