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On this episode of The Appraiser, Colin appraises a 50th Anniversary Pontiac Trans-Am that’s never been restored and an Aston Martin DB4that has been *fully* restored and looks like it. So yes, while the Bandit didn’t drive a 1976 Trans-Am (it was a 1977) and James Bond didn’t drive a DB4(it was a DB5) we feel things are close enough to make this a Bandit vs. Bond showdown. Or Coors vs. Martini, if it’s 5 o’clock where you are right now. In any event, you can’t get much different than these two rides, well, other than both share their own (loose) connection to two of the best problem eliminators in movie history.

So watch along as Colin digs in to arrive at a value for both cars and shares them with us- and the owners. Will they think he’s too low or too high? Do you? Sound off in the comments section!

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