Last week you saw us pull in our most recent project, a 1993 Jeep XJ with a 4.0-liter straight-six. In no time, Davin began tearing into the mill. Things go fairly quickly as the pieces fly off this engine, but this is as much an investigation as it is a quick disassembly. After all, you never know what you might find. Could this Jeep have nothing but good news to share?

This is not the newest engine Davin has torn into (you didn’t forget about the Dodge Demon, did you?), but it certainly is a little nicer than a few others he’s dissected. The Jeep’s driveline comes apart so easily—almost too easily. Suddenly, one exhaust stud lets loose. Of course, it breaks nearly a quarter-inch below the surface of the head. No worry this time, though, since Davin is sourcing as much as he can from RockAuto and it stocks refurbished cylinder heads. One is already in the mail.

The next discovery is a noisy timing chain. It isn’t so damaged that Davin can hear something amiss over the sound of the running engine, but turning the six over by hand prompts further investigation. Removing the timing cover reveals the timing chain is indeed tired—and when it is all said and done, that’s the worst of the story. How refreshing.

The main bearings look darn-near new, while the rod bearings show a decent amount of wear on the thrust surface. Overall, the wear might be so minimal the crankshaft may not even need to be turned down. It’s been quite some time since Davin found this much good news inside an engine, but he’s not kicking back and taking a break. No, it’s time for cleaning and parts ordering, which might mean Davin has some fun upgrades in mind. You’ll have to wait for a future episode to find out what his schemes entail. Be sure to subscribe to the Hagerty YouTube channel to never miss a grease-soaked update.

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