Would you shell out for this strange cyberpunk Saab?

Car and Classic

British Saab specialist Neo Brothers has married a 1973 Saab 96 with a 2003 9-3 convertible to create this radical resto-mod.

The car started life with a little V-4 motor driving the front wheels through a four-speed manual transmission, complete with a unique freewheel feature that saved fuel but effectively got rid of any engine braking. That made driving a 96 downhill off-throttle interesting, to say the least.

The Neo Brothers conversion has a four-speed auto and engine from a 1999 9-3 Turbo, giving it 197 horsepower, a considerable upgrade from the 96, which peaked at 73 hp. The floorpan and base suspension are from a donor 9-3 convertible, but handling has been enhanced with the fitment of Bilstein shocks, Powerflex poly bushes, and MapTun lowering springs.

The 1973 body was grafted on top, after first receiving a chop to lower the roof line, and painted in a cool gunmetal. The black steelies are a nice finishing touch to the retro-future look. The interior is straight from the 9-3, albeit re-trimmed in leather, and with reworked rear seats to fit into the smaller shell.

The 96-3, as we’ve decided to dub it, was built to showcase Neo Brother’s skills and was displayed at a number of events in the U.K. but is now up for sale as the company focuses on selling Mini and Saab parts instead.

At £24,995 ($34,233) would you shell out for this re-shelled Saab? Check out the ad here.

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