Could an even hotter Golf R be in the cards?


Having confirmed that the new R and GTi will be coming to the U.S. despite the demise of the rest of the Golf range, we now hear that an even faster version is in the offing.

The Golf R sends 315 horsepower to the road through its all-wheel drive system and dual-clutch DSG transmission, but British internet sleuth, YouTuber, and Golf TCR owner volkswizard discovered that a 329-hp version is listed in the Golf 8’s owners manual.

The engine, codenamed DNFF, already features in the Tiguan R SUV and the Arteon R sedan. If fitted to the Golf R, it would likely come with the Plus add-on to its name.

U.S. buyers probably shouldn’t hold their breath, though, as the standard Golf R and its GTi sibling won’t arrive here until the 2022 model year, with no official confirmation of the Plus model coming from the factory just yet.

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