What is Jaguar tuning ace Lister up to now?

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Lister has been around more or less continuously since 1954, but the current Lister Motor Company has only been run by the Whittaker family since 2013. While hand-hammering Knobbly continuations is one way of keeping the business alive, more recently, Lister also started to tune Jaguar’s latest models to levels that the OEM’s Special Vehicle Operations just wouldn’t tackle. Because, even though an F-Type SVR is a beast, at 666-hp, the carbon-bodied Lister LFT-C can still surprise you by packing the number of the beast.

At this point, it’s difficult to say what should we really expect from this small British brand. It’s clear that, following fellow Ginetta’s lead with its Akula, Lister’s intention is to make that final step towards manufacturing its own designs. Yet with a “new Knobbly” announcement last March, an “EV Storm” teaser this February, and now this render, your guess of what may become reality is as good as ours.


Digital mirrors, louvers above an engine pushed well behind the front axle, roofed doors, an active rear wing, dual quick fillers, and a bloke with a helmet?

If this is how Lister intends to combine Jaguar’s supercharged V-8 with styling cues from the stillborn C-X75 concept, past race cars, and various Aston Martins, we’re looking forward to seeing more of this project. It would certainly be difficult and costly to complete such a development—but not impossible from a brand that’s been making fast racing and road cars since 1954.

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