Lister’s LFT-C is a carbon fiber Jaguar F-Type convertible turned up to 11

Lister Motor Company is adding a convertible version to its Jaguar F-Type-based LFT-666. Just 10 examples of the 666-horsepower, 205-mph LFT-C will be made. Starting price will be $183,000, though that figure could climb substantially as Lister offers bespoke specification from the wheels to the paint.

In addition to boosting power from the Jaguar engine, the LFT models have distinctive Lister-made carbon fiber body panels, including a front fascia, splitter, rear diffuser, and wider rear wheel arches. There are also suspension and braking upgrades, along with Lister-specific aluminum wheels. The exhaust system on the LFT-C has been tuned to be particularly enjoyable with the top down, according to the company’s press release.

If you think 666 hp is too demonic for the road but still want the look, Lister also offers LFT body and wheel kits starting at about $13,000.

Lister LFT-C top down view
Lister LFT-C Lister
Lister LFT-C side profile
Lister LFT-C Lister

Lister LFT-C rear 3/4
Lister LFT-C Lister

All new Lister vehicles will now be available with a 7-year extended warranty provided by Warrantywise, the UK’s second-largest privately owned automobile warranty company. Warrantywise is owned by Lister principal Lawrence Whittaker.

The Lister company is also celebrating the recent opening of a 25,000-square-foot headquarters and showroom in Lancashire. The Lister Cars factory in Cambridgeshire will continue to build Lister vehicles, including the continuation series of both the Lister Costin and original Knobbly.

Delivery of the first of ninety-nine LFT-666 coupes to be built was completed in January. All 2019 build slots have been allocated but customers can still order a car to be delivered early next year.

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