Watch the Maserati MC20 dance on ice


Seeing supercars sliding on ice is always entertaining. We all know that few owners would ever dare risk a prime investment slewing into a snowbank, but at least the manufacturers know how to put on a snowy show, and Maserati’s test drivers have clearly been enjoying the winter as the video below of the new Maserati MC20 demonstrates.

The MC20 was put through its paces on the snow-packed roads of Valtellina, near Italy’s border with Switzerland, and at the Ghiacciodromo Livigno ice circuit. Aside from assessing handling on low-grip surfaces, the winter tests are also a must to evaluate cold-weather engine starting and the efficiency of the climate-control system.

Resplendent in yellow paintwork and contrasting black carbon, the MC20 is thrown from lock to lock with abandon, the rear tires melting the snow beneath them and kicking up rooster-tails of slush. Just listen to the mid-mounted three-liter, twin-turbo, Nettuno V-6 engine on song as it sends 621 hp to the rear axle via its eight-speed dual-clutch transmission, as the all-carbon supercar drifts through the Italian snowscape. Maserati is also set to produce an all-electric version of the MC20, but without this aural stimulation, will it excite buyers quite as much?

Already named the most beautiful supercar of 2021, the MC20 is expected to cost from $210,000 and be available in the fall. Just in time to get some practice in before the first snow of next winter.

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