F1 tech boosts Maserati’s new V-6 to 621 hp

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Maserati has confirmed the technical specifications of its in-house Nettuno engine. As we have previously reported, the 3.0-liter twin-turbo V-6 will power the mid-engined MC20 supercar from September 2020.

The Nettuno engine is a traditional 90-degree V with dry sump, and delivers 621 hp at 7500 rpm and 538 lb ft of torque from 3000 rpm. So how does it achieve its impressive specific output of over 200 hp per liter?

The answer lies in adapting Formula 1 technology, which Maserati has been working on since 2015. The engine’s fuel injection system is a combination of port and direct injection that can deliver fuel at 350 bar. This keeps the engine quiet at low rpm and has a big impact on fuel economy and emissions.

The real innovation comes with the unique pre-combustion chamber situated between the central spark plug and the main combustion chamber, and linked to the main chamber by a series of holes. Fuel ignited in this pre-chamber emerges into the main combustion chamber as a series of “fire crests.” The tips of these crests trigger multiple ignition points in the chamber for a faster and more uniform combustion. A side spark plug acts in a conventional fashion, ensuring smooth running when the pre-chamber isn’t deployed.

It’s ingenious stuff, and the engine will be built at Maserati’s Modena factory, so no more relying on Ferrari for engines.

For a full explanation of how the Nettuno engine works, watch suave Maserati Chief Engineer Matteo Valentini in the video below.


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