Watch the inside story of the 1900-hp Pininfarina Battista

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As the mind-blowing Pininfarina Battista electric hypercar edges closer to production, the Italian design house is charting its progress in a new YouTube series called Battista Coming to Life.

In the first episode chief product and engineering officer Paola Dellacha not only displays amazing hair and a micron-perfect beard, he also explains how the car is put together with even greater attention to detail.

The Battista’s tub is all carbon fiber, as are the body panels and the bespoke battery which all add to the car’s stiffness and strength. Pininfarina claims some simply incredible numbers for the $2.5 million EV: 0-60 mph takes two seconds, 0-186 mph takes less than 12 seconds. And yet the range is said to be over 300 miles on a charge—aided by a regenerative braking system that recovers 80 percent of the energy normally lost. Combined with specially-developed Brembo ceramic brakes, with technology straight from Formula 1, the Battista will stop just as quickly as it goes.

However, we will have to wait until the next episode to discover what that looks like. Pininfarina teases us with a glimpse of the car on track just at the end of the film. Stay tuned.

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